Wing Skeleton

Once spars and ribs were ready I went ahead and assembled the wing skeletons. At this time I did not have a gig/structure so I assembled them on my workbench. I think this method was best as I had access to all parts/sides for easier riveting.

I found out that being stressed from work is not a good thing while riveting. I usually work on the plane after work or at night to relax as I find it very therapeutic, but it doesn’t always work like that. The bucking bar slipped a couple of times, but nothing that a little bit of sanding and primer couldn’t fix.

After a couple sessions a very nice set of wing skeletons came to life 😀


Wing Spars and Rib Preparation

The first thing I did was to get both spars ready. Now, working on the tanks I realized that I installed 6 nutplates (3 per spar) that I wasn’t supposed to install that early.

In general everything went pretty straight forward with these steps. I got them prepped and assembled in around week and a half. Next I prepared the ribs and the rear spars which was a very tedious and boring thing to do, but the results are pretty good.

I started by fabricating a quick template to make sure that I placed holes for wiring around the same place on all ribs. After that deburring and priming.