Wing Skins

Ok, this will be the last post of the day to bring the blog up to date.

One of my friends helped me to drill all the skins into the skeleton. It was very satisfying to see how sturdy the wing gets once the skins are clecoed in. The structure becomes very strong and gives a better perspective of how things go together.

I did not mentioned before, but while I was waiting on the wing stand, I assembled both leading edges. What a pain it was, I found an alternative way to do it on the VAF, and with it I was finally able to do it. I’m wondering how hard is it going to be to assemble the tanks once they have all the proseal in knowing that the construction method is pretty similar.

The last thing I’ve done so far is to assemble one of the fuel tanks. The idea right now is to use it to match the last platenut holes on te leading edge. Once I do that I’m planning on assembling the leading edge first to learn how to better deal with those hard to assemble parts before finishing the tanks. I’ll try to finish leading edge and tank on the left wing first, and then do the same on the other side.

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